Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Where do you do most of your scrapping?

My answer to this month's mini poll question... "Where do you do most of your scrapbooking/creating?

I scrap all over the house (except the bedrooms). Any where I can find a flat surface. Sometimes I want a new house just so I can have my own private scrapbooking room. My dinning room is currently the main spot of action. The bay window in this room gives out lots of natural light for scrappin and we only need to use this room when we have company.

I keep my Cricut Machine in the dinning room, but I have a station in the garage for all my Sizzix, Bigkick and other dies. I also have lots of storage binds full of punches, scissors, and other cutting tools and scrapbooking supplies in the garage. I am constantly rearranging and looking for a new spot for my scrap supplies.

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