Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I've been tagged!

7 Random Things About Me!

Adriann tagged me and here are the rules: I must post the rules, then list 7 random things about me and then tag 7 others to do the same by leaving them a comment.

1. I am a early bird. I wake up every morning between 4:30 - 5:00 a.m. without ever setting a alarm clock. This is my most creative time of the day.

2. I started my first job at age 16.

3. I need to take a photography class. I'm not pleased with the outcome of most of my pictures - but where will I get the time.

4. I was born in Washington D.C, but grew up in West Virginia.

5. I ran track and cross country in high school. I was nick named Cool Breeze by my team mates.

6. I would choose to live in the mountains and not close to the sea.

7. I drive a minivan - that is soooo not my personality - but with 3 kids, it very practical.


I tag:

1. Latharia
2. Trina
3. Scrappindawn

and any one else who wishes to join in the fun!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

I WON!!!!!

Look at all the stuff I won for participating in Latharia's Scavenger Hunt!!!

Thanks!!! I will have fun using so much of this.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Scavenger Hunt Fun!

Latharia challenged us to a scavenger hunt! It was fun! The directions where to take pictures of ALL of the following & link them to your blog. Each person who posts all 10 photos by 8 am Tuesday, Sept 4 will be entered in a random drawing to win a prize! Here is mine..

1. The area underneath a sink - underneath the 1/2 bathroom sink.

2. A mythical creature - I found this creature in my son's toy box.

3. A shovel

4. A business card - ofcourse

5. An elbow - thanks Justin

6. A flower - from my backyard... purple lantana.

7. Something sharp - watch out!

8. A candle

9. Something funny - a chair, a laundry basket and her carseat could not stop Mya from trying to get behind the sofa. At 18 months, she always laughs when mommy catches her doing something she shouldn't be doing. This is funny to me.

10. Something that is half-eaten

Thanks Latharia! This was fun.

Now I am on my way to an Labor Day BBQ! I hope everyone is enjoying their day too!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Color Purple goodies

I hosted THE COLOR PURPLE SWAP on Roots Scrapbooking's message board last month and it was fun. We where to select 3 random purple scrapbook items to send to each person on the list. The items could be store bought or handmade. Here is what I sent, followed by what other swappers sent in.

My three items where 6x6 paper (4 each), die cut flowers and trim.

Karla sent everyone silk flowers, ribbon and tags.

Adriann sent everyone 6x6 paper (4 each), journaling blocks and lots of buttons

Kim sent everyone fabric covered brads, heart shape brads (25 per person) and ribbon

Thanks Everyone! I can't wait to use all of it.