Monday, August 6, 2007

I was hit by a bus

Ok, it is not as bad as it sounds!

I came home from work around 1:30 this afternoon and walk in the house and asked my husband to watch Mya for 15 mins so I could run up to Justin's school (1 mile away) to find out who his teacher will be this year and which room number he will have to report to. School starts tomorrow 8/7 for them and the school waited until the last minute...calling parents on Thursday and saying that the meet and greet was on Friday. I always do the meet and greets with my kids, but worked late Friday.

Anyway, we go in the school, look up his name on the 2nd grade list. It says he is in Mrs. String's class room #107. It also said that there are 17 kids in his class 9 boys and 8 girls. We walk down the hall to room #107. Mrs. String's class. Her jacket and tote are there, but not her. Which was fine, I only wanted Justin to know where to go and what his teacher's name is.

So now I'm happy. Mission complete in 5 minutes. Let's go home. Out the double doors we go. Get in the mini van, start the car, look towards my sideview mirror and noticed that it was snapped backwards... luckily I have one of those that can be snapped backwards without falling off the car ( there is probably a name for the feature, but I sure don't know what it is).

ok, this post is getting long, so quickly I'll say that while we where in the school, one of the school buses pulled into the parking lot and hit my car. It only damaged my drivers sideview mirror. It scratched off my black paint and left school bus yellow paint all scratch on it. It also popped out the mirror and it was hanging by the cables inside the mirror.

The funny part is that the bus driver who hit my car was Justin's bus driver! LOL! Even before she noticed it was our car that she had hit... she was rushing over to let me know that she was the one who had hit my car. I wish I had my camera with me. So, not only did I have to wait and go threw the police report stuff, I also had to wait for the Clayton County Bus System to take there pictures and do their report.

15 minutes of my day turned into 1 hour and 10 minutes! I love Mondays!
Well, here are a few scrapbook layouts I was able to complete this summer

The first lo is of my mother-in-law. The large photo of her is when she was 21 years old. The 2nd lo is my oldest daughter. The journaling on it reads: Daughters may out grow your lap, but they will never out grow your heart.

The 1st layout is of my nephew Joshua. I created this one using July's monthly challenge on RS. The 2nd lo is my youngest daughter's 1 year old photo.

All 3 of these layouts are from my premade pages on RS. I happened to have a photo of my son laughing for the first premade layout.

This is another one of my Roots Scrapbooking premade pages. I found this purple pattern paper that I love, this poem by Yosef Ben Jochannan that I love and a few large flowers. I loved the way it turned out and was wishing I had a photo to place on it. Then, like magic, Adriann, one of my online scrapping friends, posted her photos from her self portrait challenge she had been working on. Bam! It was a perfect match.

The poem reads:
Dipped in chocolate, bronzed with elegance, enameled with grace, toasted with beauty, my Lord, she is a Black Woman! - Yosef Ben-Jochannan
Speaking of purple. I am hosting a swap on RS called
The Color Purple - swap
We will swap 3 random purple scrapbook items of your choice.... tags, brads, paper, ribbon, flowers, journal blocks, die cuts, stickers, etc...
1. 3 random scrapbook items of your choice - per person
2. All items in this swap must be 60% purple.
3. The 3 random items can be homemade or store bought.
4. 3 random items should be packaged in plastic baggies with a name tag, so everyone knows who the random items came from.
5. A return envelope - self addressed with extra postage (the same amount of postage it takes you to send your package to me).
This swap will close on August 20th
Mailing deadline
All items must be in my hands by August 27th
Sign up for this swap by emailing me at stating what three random items you will be sending per person.


Adriann said...

Great LO's! I can't wait to shop for the swap!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh my--I can't believe a bus hit you!!! So glad it didn't hurt the car!
The layouts are GREAT!!!!

Trina said...

Super cute pages!! I got to your blog from Dawn's... I'll be checking ya out...